What is Messy Church?

Messy Church enables people of all ages to belong to Christ together through their local church. It is a way of being a church which is particularly suited to families, but welcoming to all. It meets at a time and on a day that suits local families and is particularly aimed at people who have never belonged to a church before.
Messy Church is part of The Bible Reading Fellowship (BRF), a Registered Charity. The Bible Reading Fellowship (BRF) is the home of Messy Church; it supports, resources and enables its work. BRF is passionate about making a difference through the Christian faith. For more information on the work of BRF, visit brf.org.uk.
Messy Church is a church, not a craft club, that helps people encounter Jesus as Lord and Saviour. Messy Church believes, with the historic churches, in one God who is Father, Son and Holy Spirit.
Messy Church is for adults and children to enjoy together. Every element should be relevant and accessible to all ages.
Messy Church uses hands-on activities to explore Bible stories, to reflect a God of creativity and to give people a chance to play together.
Messy Church reflects a God of unconditional love and is a church for people outside church, providing an oasis of welcome and a safe space in which to thrive. Messy Church is about hospitality, expressed most evidently by eating together – whether it’s a plate of sandwiches to share, or sausage and mash.
Messy Church reflects a God of joy who wants his people to have life in all its fullness.

Upcoming Dates

Messy Christmas

Wednesday 19th December 2018 – 15:15pm